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Enliven Couples Therapy is a boutique private practice located in the heart of downtown Chicago with a specialization in providing effective couples therapy and the confidential treatment of sexual concerns. Enliven was founded by Kimberly Sharky, an AASECT-certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, who has focused her clinical training and expertise exclusively on helping both couples and individuals create the most fulfilling relationships and lives possible.

Ms. Sharky and her talented associates boast extensive experience and training in couples and sex therapy, while also guiding clients who have a desire to better cope with personal and professional stress, acute or chronic illness, anxiety, depression, family conflict and life transitions. Our practice is collaborative by design and we work closely with several of the best physicians and healthcare professionals in the area in order to provide a thorough and comprehensive treatment plan for those of our clients who are experiencing physical and medical contributors acting as barriers to their well-being. We enjoy working with individuals and couples from all backgrounds and also maintain an LGBT-friendly practice.

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Concerned About Your Relationship?

If you are unsatisfied with your current relationship and the sexual connection you have with your partner, you are not alone and there are many options available for creating positive change. Some couples feel that their partnership is no longer as strong as it once was and they are concerned that they have drifted apart. Other couples report that they share a fulfilling friendship, enjoy one another’s company, but are having sex rarely, if ever. Many couples like these have emerged from these scenarios having made lasting improvements to their relationships. Take the first step in that process by scheduling a private consultation with Kimberly Sharky or a member of her clinical team today.

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Enliven Is Dedicated To Helping You:

•    Create a more fulfilling relationship or marriage

•    Break out of patterns that are causing uninspired sexual ruts or
     avoidance of sexual interactions

•    Recover from infidelity and take steps toward reestablishing
     trust and intimacy

•    Resolve issues caused by a discrepancy in sexual desire
     between partners

•    Communicate more effectively and respectfully

•    Expand your sexual education and awareness

•    Address problems getting or staying aroused or “turned on”

•    Learn to better handle conflict, either acute or ongoing

•    Maintain vibrant sexual connection while navigating through
     fertility challenges or treatment

•    Increase self-confidence and comfort in embracing your sexuality

•    Guide you in blending spiritual/religious/moral beliefs with a
     healthy expression of sexuality

•    Address difficulties with experiencing orgasm, either current
     or lifelong

•    Menopausal symptoms interfering with sexual expression

•    Establish a thriving sexual life following past sexual abuse or
     unwanted sexual experiences

•    Resolve body image concerns interfering with your sexual
     expression or confidence

•    Enhance communication with your partner regarding sexual
     needs and preferences

•    Find solutions for sexual obstacles caused by physiological
     changes related to complicated childbirth, menopause,
     cancer treatment, chronic illness, and other medical influences

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